Tgrad GIS «Connect»

Graphical information system «Connect» (Tgrad GIS CONNECT) is designed to support the operating activities of a telecommunication company and provides the following features:

  • Automates technical resources management.
  • Automates technological processes evoled in customer support of telecommunication operators subscribers.
  • Processes customer applications.
  • Automates interactions with and between heterogeneous equipment.
  • Creates and stores linear-cable structures passport.


Main principles of the system

1. Flexibility

  • Ability to embed program modules in the current environment.
  • The interconnection of modules is carried out on a functional basis and does not depend on a particular implementation.
  • The possibility of integration with external systems.
  • The ability to scale the system for operators of all levels.
  • The possibility of constant development.

2. Interchangeability

GIS CONNECT provides the ability to replace any module with a third-party system with similar functionality.


3. Security

GIS CONNECT provides a high data protection level. The system provides the following options:

  • Use single authentication and authorization tools to access the components of the system.
  • Log and control an user access.