Our projects

Read more about key project implemented by Technograd Plus. Most of them are GIS information systems that automate daily operations of support organizations from object data storing, commutations visualization to object maintenance and end-user support.

Tgrad GIS Municipal General Utilities

Technograd Plus developed a full stack of software to visualize  all sorts of municipal communications and utility connections including: underground cable conduit lines, water supply, drainage and sewage, central heating supply system commutations for Municipal Water and heating supply organization. 

The solution is not limited to visualization but also automates daily operations of each supply unit and provides a singles access to municipal communications access for various organizations outside and inside municipality. 

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Tgrad GIS «Connect»

The system is developed for the PJSC «Rostelecom». Automates technical process connected to client services, stores all data on each commutation-line and object, supports warehouse operation and tracks the whole workflow from first client request, through resources allocation, tasks assigning to the history and reporting on the results.

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Tgrad GIS «Fiber Line»

The system is developed for PJSC Rostelekom and provides easy to use tools to register, analyze and visualize fiber-line commutations. The system is compliant with local rules and regulations for commutation objects registering and storing.

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Tgrad GIS «Central Heating»

The Tgrad graphical information system «Central Heating» is an integral part of Water Supply system developed earlier. This system automates all internal processes of Central heating supply organization from customer support to heating lines maintenance.

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Tgrad GIS «Water supply»

«Water supply» software is aimed to store and visualize water supply chain objects and commutations as well as to support daily operations of Municipal Water supply organization. 

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