Tgrad Fulfillment Service

Tgrad Fulfillment Service(TFS) is the Technograd Plus flagship product for business process automation throughout your enterprise. Starting from a first request from an external system TFS picks up an order and streamlines the fulfillment within the organization. Communicating with the internal software stack TFS makes the processes run faster and significantly reduces delays and processing time.

Key features:

  • Designs and manages company wide business processes seamlessly integrating external and internal software
  • All-in-one admin console that tracks processes and performance 
  • Smart workflow designer for complex BPM scenarios, set up priorities, draw hierarchy, create tasks clusters and rules
  • Manages staff and distributed offices, tracks KPIs fulfillment, current load and automatically assigns tasks
  • Secure data transfer protocols
  • Profound reporting

The benefits:

  • Decreases operational time by optimizing multiple workflows
  • Reduces human factor errors by 90%
  • Improves staff performance


Request a demo if you are searching to automate:

  • Help Desk and Service Desk
  • Staff management and tasks distribution according to the current load
  • Service requests automation from a first order to the delivery
  • Various workflows throughout an enterprise