Tgrad Heterogeneous Equipment Monitoring System

Tgrad Heterogeneous Equipment Monitoring System eases the process of data collection inside and outsaide organization to automate daily operation of customer support team, mainly it helps to locate network issue, fix it and also manage all customer related services. 


Key features:

  • Network issues synopsis and diagnostics with DSLAM software and measurements hardware.
  • Deeper diagnostics and data collection on customer network parameters and ports. 
  • Technical service diagnostics in real time with the satus reporting. 
  • Customer profile managemnt including packages, services. 
  • Support of OSS/BSS solutions.
  • Integration with Telecom hardware, get and process the current state.
  • TDM software services management.
  • Predictive hardware analysis helps to control the current state of the hardware, measure trends and report defects.
  • Operational data storage.
  • Reporting toolset.



  • Illuminates human factor and errors, no special command script is required.
  • Reduces the number of licenses for specialized software. Step by Step workflow managements helps to build and manage a line of interactions with data base that reduces the number of licenses you need to access it.
  • Significantly reduced measurement time. Data is systemized and controled, communication with hardware is streamlined.

Схема взаимодействия системы «ДАУ» с другими системами и сетевым оборудованием