Tgrad Workforce Management System

Tgrad Workforce Management System mainly automates the work of customer support divisions taking in to account various scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Resource management from equipment to company transport used by crews.
  • Company structure and connections design including subcontractors.
  • Creats schedules for crews and individual schedules, optimizes resources.
  • Provides a client for each employee to ill in the progress and report and submit hours timesheets.
  • Automatic task assigning workflow that support diverse structures.
  • Task prioritization, automatically finds the most efficient tasks distribution.
  • Equipment reports, even on premises an engineer can submit a report on the equipment used and left.
  • Creates a document set for engineers to sign with the customer.
  • Advanced reporting tool.


  • Resource forecast tool that helps to use personal in the most efficient way
  • Real time task management control, helps to facilitate and speed up problem solving on premises
  • Forecast vs fact reporting helps to set up the right targets for crews and optimize routes.
  • Helps to track the quality of work and reward those who do on time and alert in case of on going negative results, includes customer feedback
  • Intellectual forecasting tool takes into account both positive and negative scenarios to optimize the work of the crew manager.

The general scheme of application distribution process between the performers, realized in the system Technograd Workforce Management is shown on picture 1.

The general scheme of application distribution process



To efficiently distribute orders between performers use a scheduling module. The schedule is formed using templates that can be created at the branch level or at the department level.

When creating a schedule, the following parameters can be taken into account:

  • Work schedule (fixed or sliding schedule, specific date);
  • Types of jobs;
  • Technologies;
  • Types of customers;
  • Service areas;
  • External systems;
  • Types of tasks;
  • Services;

Allocation of resources 

Select and allocated resource as easy as drag and drop. The system shows available resources and crews near by taking into account request address, technology, operation, as well as the required skills.

Scheme of the executor selection for the application execution


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